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Freelance Producer,  CBC Radio, IDEAS. 

“The Business of Race.” December 11,  2013. Products and procedures marketed to persons of colour are growing an an exponential rate. In changing your body is it possible to change your race? Topics of exploration include eyelid surgeries, skin bleaching, shadism, neo-colonialism, capitalism, and counter messaging.

Beauty and the Freak,” May 20th, 2013,  an exploration of contemporary body modification as it relates to issues of identity. Areas of discussion include prostheses, tattoos, reconstructive surgery and other bodily modifications.





Member of Board of Directors, Institute for a Resource Based Economy (IRBE).  IRBE looks to connect economy with environment to create more sustainable means of business and ways of life. Given that we cannot indefinitely grow economies and consumption with the limitations of a finite planet and resources, IRBE proposes a new system, a resource-based economy, in which all goods and services are available without without the use of money, credit, barter, debt or servitude. All resources are the common heritage of all people, not just a select few. The goal in a resource-based economy is to eliminate scarcity wherever possible using the most efficient technologies and sustainable practices to allow for a high standard of living for all. Rather than having an economic system that encourages us to constantly consume, we aim to reduce consumption and ownership of under-utilized products. IRBE is the founder of Toronto’s first Tool Library, Timebank and other projects which participate in the sharing economy.


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Copywriting, Product Nomenclature and Branding, Synaptive Medical. Synaptive Medical involves a team of over 50 engineers and scientists working in collaboration with top neurosurgeons, radiologies, and healthcare facilities to create innovative neurosurgical technologies that are cost effective, clinically relevant and aim to improve patient care.


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Copywriter, Groundforce Digital™.    Black Leg Productions™ created copy for the Reintegration Works campaign produced by Groundforce Digital™ for Redemption and Reintegration Services. Groundforce Digital™ is a network of problem solvers that use campaigns to help organizations change systems, shift culture and adapt.


Copywriting and Branding, artform*Artform is a multi-disciplinary design studio, specializing in art, design and architecture. Founded by Callum Maclachlan, noted curator and production designer, Artform seeks to captivate audiences and performers alike with innovative vision coupled with design excellence, striving to reinvent brands and meet client expectations. With a team of experts, ranging from graphic artists, to fine artists, to architects and interior designers, we possess an array of knowledge in media, fine arts, design, architecture, theatre, literature and music. With experience in international design and expertise in global industry standards, we have fashioned some of Canada’s most notable brands.


Steering Committee (2010-2013),  The STEPS Initiative and STEPS Consulting. The Sustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Space (STEPS) Initiative is a group of artists, activists, architects, and academics, collectively promoting the use of art to connect people with place (especially public space).  STEPS seeks to challenge and change: the ways in which public spaces are currently being used; how citizens communicate on environmental issues; and, the role of the artist in community development.


Communications and Education, The Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN)  ONN is a network organization that works to communicate, coordinate and collaborate with nonprofit organizations working for the public benefit in Ontario.  ONN works strategically with nonprofit organizations, government, businesses and other stakeholders, responding to policy, legislation and practices that affect how the sector operates. ONN works to convene the voices of the sector to develop a sense of shared interests and common purpose to strengthen the role of nonprofits in Ontario.




Contributor, King West MagazineThe merging of a development company with a lifestyle magazine: luxury, edginess and a celebration of the King west neighbourhood. King West has transformed to showcase the multi-faceted aspects of the King West neighbourhood.  With a clear voice and vision of luxurious lifestyle and everyday living in the King west neighbourhood, the magazine is people centred and design focussed.


Copy Editing, Camel NaduCamel Nadu specializes in visual communication, editorial design, branding, photography and retouching. With a wide-ranging portfolio, that includes Vice Magazine, King West Magazine, Zoomer Magazine, and artform*, among others, Black Leg Productions™ was fortunate enough to get its logo designed by Camel Nadu. Camel Nadu works between Toronto and Berlin.






Guest Contributor, blogTOblogTO is one of Toronto’s leading cultural blogs. Part archive and part finger-on-the-pulse, blogTO works to elucidate Toronto’s past and participate in the creation of its future.  Contributions include theatre, concert and social practice reviews, and political, advertisement, economic and social commentary.





Production Manager,  Artist Bill Burns, Choral Master Alan Gasser and The City of Toronto for Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche 2011: “Dogs and Boats and Airplanes.” Forget GaGa. Think Dada.  “Dogs and Boats and Airplanes,” was  a collaborative soundscape from Lord Landsdowne Public School and Howard Park Public School featured at Nuit Blanche 2011 at the Atrium on the Bay.  Passersby and art enthusiasts both feasted their ears on an aural narrative, created entirely by children’s voices, of non-verbal dog, boat and airplane noises. Read Fran Schechter’s review in NOW here.





Project Manager,  Mammalian Diving Reflex and The City of Toronto for Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche 2010: “Nuit Market.” “Nuit Market” was a fully functioning night market at Toronto’s 2010 Nuit Blanche. It supplied inexpensive consumer goods — the kind of goods that are sold the world over in street markets, souqs and ad hoc temporary malls. If you were one of the many lucky people who experienced Nuit Market, before it was whisked away at dawn, and are wondering where you can find our fabulous vendors, click here! To read some of the encomia we received from the Toronto Star and Eye Weekly, click here and here.


Ideation Session Facilitator and Copywriter,  K&Co, An Experience Design FirmK&Co creates human-centred experiences, focussing on the client first, offering quality products and strategies that are built on innovative branding, advertising and design.  This firm crafts stories that are shaped through people’s experiences of brands.  Research and interactive ideation sessions guide design to create positive emotional experiences and brand savvy.


Consultant, Researcher and Writer,  SIG@Waterloo, Knowledge Mobilization Strategy. Social Innovation Generation (SIG) is a national collaboration addressing Canada’s social and ecological challenges by  creating a culture of continuous social innovation. As part of SIG’s larger knowledge mobilization and engagement strategy, SIG@Waterloo is working to create tools and resources for nonprofits, social innovators and students alike.